Urban Garden

When living in an urban setting, it is difficult to find space to grow plants and to find time to care for them.  Urban gardening opens new doors for city dwellers, allowing vertical planters or hydroponic systems to be incorporated into small apartments.  By nurturing and caring for a living thing we learn to be mindful and in turn, learn how to care for ourselves.


03/24 Spring Planting

03/18 Hydroponics with Urban Growth

03/11 Compost and Soil

03/04 Warm Season Crop Seeding

02/25 Pruning

02/18 Hydroponics 101

02/11 Companion Planting

02/04 Compost 101

01/28 Hydroponics with Urban Growth

01/21 Worm Composting

01/14 Seeding


11/19 Hydroponics with Urban Growth - Seeding

11/12 Five Gallon Worm Compost

11/05 Salad Bowl Garden Seeding

10/29 All About Mushrooms

10/22 Hydroponics with Urban Growth - Preview

10/19 Native Plants with Williams

10/15 Water Saving Landscapes with Diane

10/12 Vermiculture with Nathan

09/17 Autumn Seeding