Repurpose - Live Plant in Picture Frame

March 25, 2017

Create a beautiful picture frame planter from everyday household items! Start by collecting items that can be reused instead of going into the recycling bin. Plastic bottles, tin cans, and small glass jars can be used for planters. Also save unwanted items such as old picture frames that can be decorated and repurposed into a new picture frame. This is a great alternative to buying new planters from the store and is beneficial to the environment.


It saves time, water, energy, and money to reuse items and make them into something new! Picture frames can be hung on the wall and add life to any room! Picture frame planters are also a great gift to give to a friend or family member during the holidays. Learn how to make an environmentally friendly picture frame planter step by step by watching the video below.

Repurpose 3/25

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