Repurpose - Plastic Flower Vase

Feb 04, 2017


Plastic bottles cause a lot of pollution in our world.  Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles get recycled, and they take at least 400 years to decompose.  Using a reusable water bottle is a great way to combat this problem, but what about the bottles that are already produced?  By using your water bottle in a new creative way, like by making this planter, you repurpose an old bottle and give it a new use.

To make the planter, we used everyday materials that most individuals use and have in their house. There is no need to buy new materials to make a simple vase for your flowers. The materials needed for this project are:

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Fresh Flowers

To make the planter, follow these easy instructions.

  1. Cut the bottle in half to make to two separate pieces.
  2. Next, light a candle to melt the rim of the bottom half of the bottle.  Do not touch the plastic to the flame.  The heat from the flame will be enough to melt and bend the plastic.  Creating ridges along the rim add texture and support.
  3. Next, take the top half of the bottle and cut into the plastic 6-8 times to make even strips. Bend each strip backwards and cut to make the end of each strip rounded.
  4. Lastly, fill the bottom half with water.  Collect a flower clipping from a bush outside, and place in the top of the bottle, making sure the bottom of the stem reaches the water.

This plastic flower vase can be used over and over, and you can make more to decorate the house.  This project is also great to use as a display on a table, as an inexpensive centerpiece.  You can use different size and color plastic bottles, and can get creative with how you cut the petals.


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