Taste for Health - Zero Waste Event

March 29, 2017

During this Taste for Health event, we strayed from our normal recipe presentation and instead demonstrated how to host a zero waste party. We made veggie spring rolls and sushi hand rolls, all with the zero waste lifestyle in mind.


To prepare for your zero waste event, we start from the very beginning: the invitations! We suggest making an invitation through a computer program, and emailing your guests. This reduces waste from a throw away invitation and energy used to transport the invitations to their destinations. In your invitation, explain your purpose for throwing a zero waste event, and require guests to bring their own ingredients in a reusable container. When collecting their ingredients, encourage guests to bring their own bag to the store, as well as to purchase fresh produce without any packaging. You can also have guests bring their own plate and utensils, or serve only finger foods.


A zero waste event can bring you and your guests together as a community because you will all be preparing the food together. For our event, we made veggie spring rolls and hand roll sushi. To do this we prepared julienne slices of all our veggies, including peppers, cucumbers, rainbow carrots, kale, and avocado. You can prepare this in advanced or have each guest bring one ingredient already sliced. When preparing the veggies, be sure to compost all food scraps. By making veggie spring rolls and sushi, we remove the need for cooking anything. This benefits the body because raw vegetables will contain more nutritional value, and also benefits the earth because you will use less water and energy when you are not cooking your food. The beauty of making spring rolls and sushi is that there is no clean up or left overs! All guests can form a line and work their way down, first preparing their rice paper or seaweed paper, then spreading their desired sauce, and finally moving down to fill it with the veggies they choose.


Guests won't need a plate for these easy to carry rolls, but if you wish to use plates, try compostable plates, or use a water saving method to clean your dishes. There should be no leftovers of these tasty rolls, but if there are, have guests bring home their leftovers in the container they brought their ingredients in. This also provides an easy clean up for you as the host, and allows you more time with your guests instead of being cooped in the kitchen preparing for your party.

Zero Waste Event 3/29/17

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