Repurpose - Glass Bottle Lighting

March 11, 2017

In this repurposed class we used glass bottles with LED lights to create everyday lighting for your home. Glass bottles are often thrown in the recycling bin, and instead of recycling them it can be repurposed to make them into something new. The glass bottles are used because of their good quality and durability. Glass bottle lighting can be personalized by choosing the color of the glass bottle you use, and what color lights will go inside.


For this Valentine’s Day themed repurpose workshop at Ecoverse, we decorated glass bottles to make a beautiful light display.  Glass bottles can be recycled but broken glass cannot because it can injure sanitation workers.  Glass can easily break during recycling transportation, so repurposing glass bottles is a great option.  Glass is durable and can be collected from wine, olive oil, liquors, and other sources.  Save a few glass bottles from the recycling and instead make a centerpiece for your table or a light for your nightstand. 

To make this beautiful light display, all you need it a recycled glass bottle, markers, and a string of lights.  The lights can be bought on the internet for very cheap, and can be used for a lifetime.  While normal permanent markers may work, we used glass markers.  At our repurpose classes we provide the lights and markers for you to use for a small class fee.

To make the bottle is relatively easy!  The lights easily slide into the bottle, and if any help is needed, use an unfolded wire hanger to move the lights around inside the bottle.  When decorating the outside of your bottle, be as creative as you want!  For this class we used messages for Valentine's Day, such as "My love for you is not recycled" and "You are the apple of my eye."  You can write a special message for someone you love or that you want to give your bottle to.

Use your bottle as a centerpiece on a table, or as a nightlight on a night stand.  The bottle will glow brightly and can provide ambient lighting for the room.  The lights will shine for a long time and the batteries can be replaced when needed, making this glass bottle timeless.

Materials needed:

  1. Glass bottle
  2. Markers
  3. LED lights
  • Start by finding holiday quotes, or any inspirational quotes that can be written on the bottle. Once you find the quote or quotes you want to use, write the message on the bottle using the markers.
  • After you are finished decorating, we used the LED lights to bring light to the bottle.  Using an old coat hanger is great for pushing the string of lights into the bottom of the bottle.
  • We used a cut out paper heart decorated with repurposed tissue paper to hide the battery pack. 
Repurpose 3/11/17

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