Hydroponics with Repurposed Materials

Feb 18, 2017

During this class we explored hydroponics. Hydroponics are plants grown in water, and therefor do not need soil. This way of growing actually saves water and can be done in the urban setting fairly easily. Hydroponics can be grown in repurposed planters, as well, and here we made them from tin cans.

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Hydroponics comes from the Latin language and it means working water.
"hydro" means "water"
"ponos" means "labor"

What is needed for a plant to survive?

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Air
  • Nutrients (usually from soil)
  • Anchorage (root system/soil)

What is used as a growing media when soil isn’t present?

  • stones
  • pod
  • roots

Many different civilizations have utilized hydroponic growing techniques throughout history.

Egyptian hieroglyphic records dating back several hundred years B.C. describe the growing of plants in water.




Faster Growth- Hydroponics works by automatically getting the complete nutrient mixture and water to the roots without drowning the plant. Plants get everything they need all the time, so they do not waste growing a lot of roots or searching for nutrients.

No Weeds or Pests- Gardening without soil eliminates the weeds do you do not need weed sprays.  Since most pests live and breed in the soil, you do not need to use pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Also eliminates using machines like a rototiller.

Great Plant Quality and Taste- Since the plants get everything it needs, all the time, it will reward you with great taste, strong and fast growth, and overall plant quality.

Grow in Any Condition- Systems may be constructed and used in any location from space to under water exploration and also require a smaller growing area.

Urban Garden 2/18/17

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