Urban Growth Hydroponics Preview

Oct. 22, 2016


Urban Growth is a non-profit located in San Diego focused on educating about hydroponic systems and urban gardening.

By using hydroponics, a lot of water can be saved because the plant is not being watered everyday. The use of an opaque container helps minimize evaporation, and the only maintenance that needs to be performed is checking the pH balance of the water every few weeks to ensure the plant has enough nutrients. Leafy greens can easily be grown in the hydroponic system, providing the grower with healthy homegrown food.


3 inch basket
Any non-transparent container with 3 inch opening
Lava rocks
Hydroponic Solution (we used Botanicare CNS 17 Grow)
Small Plant

To set up the container, use one with a 3 inch opening or use a 3 inch drill bit to drill a hole into a wider lid. Fill the container with water and leave about 1-2 inches of room (your basket will displace the volume later on). Add the appropriate amount of hydroponic solution (consult your bottle of hydroponic solution to see what is recommend). Test the pH level, which should be between 5.5 and 6.5.
For our hydroponics, we bought a tray of sprouted leafy greens, including lettuce, kale, arugula, and basil.

10_22 Urban Growth_2

We removed the plant from the tray and gently shook off the soil from the root system.

10_22 Urban Growth_3

Next, we placed a small layer of lava rocks in the 3 inch basket and placed the plant on top of the rocks in the basket.

10_22 Urban Growth_1

Then we dipped the root system into the hydroponic solution to ensure the roots were wet and received nutrients.

10_22 Urban Growth_4

Cover the rest of the root system with lava rocks and gently insert into the opening in the lid of your container. Now the system is ready to begin growing you delicious, nutritious plants.

10_22 Urban Growth_5
Urban Growth 10/22/16

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