Salad Bowl Seeding

Nov. 5, 2016

During this class we planted seeds to grow a beautiful and delicious salad bowl garden. The name comes from the fact that all the seeds planted will make great additions to a salad bowl once fully grown. We planted a colorful lettuce, which is the base to any classic salad. Next we planted some red winter kale, adding a darker green into the mix, and arugula, for a little bit of spice. We also planted two types of basil, Italian Genovese and Thai, and cilantro, to add more flavor to the dish. Because the class was held during the cool season, it was not feasible for us to plant tomatoes or cucumbers, but both would make excellent additions to the salad.


To begin our seeding, we filled an egg carton with potting soil. Fill the pods loosely and do not pack in the soil or the roots will not have room to expand. Next, moisten the soil with water until it is damp, but not fully saturated. Using a pencil point or any similar size item, poke a hole about ¼ to ½ inch deep. Place your seeds in each hole, and gently cover with a light layer of soil. Again, don’t compress the soil down or cover too much, or else the sprout will be unable to penetrate the soil.


Place your new planter in a dark, warm spot until you see a sprout. Once a sprout has emerged, the leaves can begin collecting energy from the sun and photosynthesizing it into food. Move the planter where it can receive sunlight during the day, but not scorching heat. Keep the soil moist. To know when to transplant, keep in mind that the height of the plant corresponds to the length of the roots.

Salad Bowl Seeding 11/5/16

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