Native Plants

Oct. 19, 2016

1_Native Plants

Every native plant plays a specific role in its ecosystem. If that plant is taken away, it affects the whole ecosystem. Native plants are what should be planted as landscape, or in your garden, and will benefit the air and water quality.

William shared with us his knowledge on native plants that grow in California. Some of these include Sage, Sugar, Acorns, Mugwort, and more.

Historically acorns were eaten because of their high nutritional value. Since acorns are a tough nut to eat without cooking, acorns were either heated or pounded to create a powder.

White sage is commonly burned to create positive energy

2_Native Plants

Yerba Santa was one plant that William highlighted. Yerba Santa can be found throughout California and is spanish for “holy herb.” The oil extracted from yerba santa can be used for helping stomachaches, colds, and respiratory sickness.

To learn more visit the California Native Plant Society:

To learn more about acorns in california:

Native Plants

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