Water Saving with Diane

Oct. 15, 2016

Diane taught us about the importance of water conservation through landscaping. She explained how it is possible to grow native plants in Southern California without an irrigation system. She also stressed how growing the correct native plants will help your yard look more beautiful without having to worry about constantly watering it. When your landscape does require water, one way to save is by collecting rainwater. This can be done by placing a rain barrel under your gutter drain pipe. That rainwater can be used to water the plants instead of having it flood the streets.

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On her website, yardfairy.com, Diane has many articles to help you achieve a water saving landscape, such as building up a swell along a pathway to collect rainwater, curbside edging for plants that will collect rainwater, and planting water saving & native plants. Below she demonstrates how to create a healthy living soil in four steps. Having living soil is essential to any garden and you will see plants begin to thrive.

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“Your garden is a natural system, so it will create a living soil on its own, but only if you have 100 years to spare! The heartening thing about this is that all you have to do is:
Break up any really badly compacted areas of ground by lightly forking it over
Apply either compost or compost tea
Cover the soil in mulch at a depth of 2” – 4”
Water once per week
If you were to do this you would have active, living soil within 2-3 months”

Learn more by visiting Diane’s website: http://yardfairy.com/

Water Saving with Diane

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